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Aggressive and Reactive Dogs

aggressive and reactive dog training in south florida
aggressive and reactive dog training in south florida
aggressive and reactive dog training in south florida
  • Does your dog lunge, bark, and try to chase or attack other dogs, cats, people, or cars?
  • Have you tried all those silly gimmicky harnesses and collars and the problem is still there?
  • Are you afraid to have people come inside your home for fear that your dog will bite, jump, or attack your guests?
  • Do you not take your dog on a walk because you will be dragged down the street?
  • Are you afraid to take your dog to public places for fear of what may happen?
  • Does walking your dog raise your blood pressure instead of lowering it?
  • Can you no longer go on vacation because you cannot board your dog anywhere because he/she is so misbehaved?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than we can help you!

At American Standard Dog Training, we are very experienced working with and rehabilitating aggressive and reactive dogs. We have rehabilitated dogs that “positive only” dog trainers could not handle, were afraid to handle, or simply didn’t know how to handle. And, unfortunately, because these purely positive dog trainers don’t have the training, experience, or the full menu of training techniques and tools needed to address the full gamut of canine behavioral issues they simply couldn’t handle these tougher dogs. Instead, because they ran out of options due to their lack of experience, knowledge, or access to the proper tools they told the owners their dog could not be trained and recommended that the dog either be medicated for life or put down. That’s simply ridiculous!

We love dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages. However, as a police canine handler and trainer, the owner & head trainer of American Standard Dog Training has an unmatched level of experience dealing with working line police canines that were specifically bred for their larger size and incredibly high level of drive and aggression. As a police K-9 trainer and instructor, Garret continues to train and work with some of the hardest police dogs in the nation and continues to teach at seminars and conferences across the country. Simply put, he has the skills and experience necessary to succeed where others have failed. Working with and handling actual police canines in a real-world environment has afforded him real life experiences that cannot be taught and cannot be bought.
Furthermore, at American Standard Dog Training, we believe wholeheartedly in a balanced approach to dog training. Balanced dog training is the use of ALL modern methods and tools of canine behavior correction available. Positive training is only 25% of all that is available in the toolbox of a modern dog trainer. We don’t just train with treats and squeeky voices and hope with fingers crossed that the bad behaviors you’re dealing with now will one day go extinct. Instead, we train dogs and their owners to be prepared for the real world now. Meaning, we use 90-95% positive training methods to teach your dog or puppy a behavior, but we don’t stop there! We take it a step further. We underscore all of our training with discipline when necessary and it’s almost always necessary with every dog. Out in the real world, you won’t always have a treat in your pocket and you won’t always have control of the environment around you. Other dogs, cats, and people will be out there in the real world and can potentially cause a distraction or reaction from your dog. If your dog starts to act out, you will have to be able to take full and immediate control of your dog or risk getting bit, your dog getting into a dog fight, someone other than you being bit or injured, you being sued, your dog being confiscated or worse.
We have to remember we are working with intelligent animals that know when they are hungry and when they are not. They know when you have a treat and when you don’t. They know when they can get away with bad behavior and when they can’t. They are not robots that follow commands without hesitation. They are living, breathing, conscious animals that make decisions in their life numerous times a day based on a system of positive and negative rewards and punishments. They make their own decision as to whether or not they want to listen to you and obey your commands. If there are no repercussions for misbehavior and nothing more enticing for you to offer them than the dog, cat, human, or ball across the street which is causing them to react or act aggressively by lunging, barking, pulling or attacking then you simply will not be able to “redirect” their bad behavior. I don’t care if you walk around with a T-bone steak in your pocket. There is no piece of food, treat, “click”, high-pitched happy voice, or any other “positive-only” or “force-free” hocus pocus that is going to “redirect” aggressive and reactive dogs in real life. It’s simply not going to happen and anyone that tells you different is lying to you.