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Prong and Remote Training Collars

prong and remote e-collar training in south florida
prong and remote e-collar training in south florida
prong and remote e-collar training in south florida

What training equipment do we use?

We are strong advocates for using only the best tool(s) and technique(s) available to accomplish the training goals in the most fair and efficient way possible.  Each and every dog or puppy is unique.  Therefore, we pick the proper combination of tools and techniques from our deep and varied trainer’s “toolbox” that best fits with the personality of each individual dog or puppy.  Our goal is to help them succeed at every task as they progress through the various stages of training. 

Often, those tools include the use of prong/pinch collars and e-collars.  Simply put, they are often the best tool(s) on the market for dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments.  Anyone who is flat-out against the use of electronic collars and/or refers to them as “shock” collars has absolutely no clue what they are doing or what they are talking about.  Let me repeat that…they have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what they are doing or what they are talking about and be very scared of their limited canine training “education” and I would not take any advice from them.  I guarantee they have never owned, used, or been properly trained in the use of high-quality professional grade e-collars and therefore speak from a position of no knowledge on the subject.  I have met countless skeptics over the years, many of them prospective clients.  By the time I finish showing them everything the e-collar can do which includes putting it on them and letting them feel various levels of stimulation aka “shocking” them, they are 100% sold and want to know when they can buy one and start using it. Funny enough, they almost always ask if they can use it on their kids also LOL.  Unfortunately, we are much better at training dogs than we are children so we cannot condone the use of e-collars on your children at this time.  ????

We are 100% upfront with the tools and techniques we use to train each and every one of our dogs.  If you have watched any of our YouTube videos you will notice we do not cut or edit most of our videos.  Other dog training channels out there, often cut/crop/edit their videos to show you only the best snippets of their training and edit out the failures or corrections.  Or only show you training with their personal dogs or dogs that have been trained for years and years.  Most of our videos are over 20 minutes long and you see everything the dog does both good and bad.  If we correct a dog you will see it. If they make a mistake you will see it.  And, of course, if they do great you will see that too.  By the way, 99% of the dogs you see on our channel have only been training with us anywhere from 1 day to 4 weeks not 1-4 years.  There is no bait and switch or sneaky sneaky going on, it’s right there for all to witness.  With us, what you see is what you get. 

Why E-collars Work

Be wary of the purely positive, positive only, or force-free trainers.  I always ask myself, what are they doing behind closed doors that their clients don’t know about?  Furthermore, being stuck in a “positive only” training method is literally only 25% of modern dog training theory.  That means their dog training “toolbox” is four times smaller than ours at best.  If you take your car to a mechanic, do you want the mechanic to be a one-man show working out of a small toolbox from the trunk of his car?  Or, do you want the mechanic to have access to an entire garage fully stocked with all of the best tools, techniques and equipment to handle ANY job?

 We are capable and comfortable using e-collars on 8 and 9-week old puppies.  Why you ask? A) because we know what we’re doing  B) because it’s like tickling their neck with a feather or using a gentle tap on the leash to get their attention.  It’s that mild.  We train all of our dogs on levels usually between level 4 and level 8 out of 100. It is almost imperceptible.  We do thousands of reps of low-level e-collar training to teach your dog exactly what it is and how they have the power to turn it off whenever they want.  In the right hands, it is the most fair and effective canine training tool ever invented.  Watch our videos and you will see puppies as young as 8 weeks old wearing and using e-collars and/or prong collars and loving every minute of the training we are doing!

Now, of course the e-collar can be used on much higher levels and there are times when higher levels are needed.  Below are a couple examples that could be used to illustrate the need for higher levels:

 If your dog or puppy were to be running out into traffic would you rather let the puppy continue to run out into traffic and likely be hit by a car or would you rather give them a half-second tap on the e-collar on a level “35” out of 100 to immediately stop them and make them turn around and come running back to you?  A level “35” stimulation would be similar to flicking them in the neck with your finger but with absolutely no residual pain or discomfort.

In South Florida, we have Bufo Toads which secrete a neurotoxin which can kill your dog or puppy faster than you can take them to the vet for medical treatment.  Other areas of the country have a similar problem with rattlesnakes.  Would you prefer to leave your dog or puppy exposed to the high risk of being killed by a toad or rattlesnake? Or expose them to a one-second correction from an e-collar that will teach them to never go near a snake or toad again?  I know what I would prefer for my own dog and I also have talked to many dog owners over the years who lost their dogs to Bufo Toad exposure and wish they had known how easy that could have been fixed and saved their dog’s life. 

 Our clients’ dogs and puppies love the e-collar because we use it the right way and it signifies to them it’s time to train.  Our puppies love to train because it’s fun and every time they feel a tingle of an e-collar they know a high-value food reward is on the way.  All of the dogs we train look forward to having the e-collar put on and get excited with the feeling of a low-level stimulation because of the way in which we teach it.  It means it’s time to have fun and train.  Don’t believe us watch our videos or come see for yourself.