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Dog Training in South Florida

Specializing in Puppy Training, Obedience & Manners, Behavior Modification, and Dog Aggression & Reactivity

Transformational results in as little as 3 weeks!

puppy training - south florida

Puppy Training and Manners


Starting at 8 weeks old, our puppy training includes:

• Potty Training
• Puppy Manners
• Chewing
• Biting
• Barking
• Leash Walking
• and more!

puppy training in south florida

Dog Obedience and Manners


Foundational dog training for good behavior:

• Leash Pulling
• Jumping
• Counter Surfing
• Garbage Diving
• Hole Digging
• Nuisance Barking
• and more!

aggressive and reactive dog training

Aggressive and Reactive Dog Training

Our Behavior Modification techniques can rehabilitate:

• Human Aggression
• Dog Aggression
• Reactivity
• Biting & Lunging
• Growling & Snarling
• Aggressive Barking
• and more!

Our board & train dog training program features a full and balanced approach to dog training. Your family pet will also benefit from our extensive background in the real world of police K9 training.

We Train Your Dog As If It Were Our Own

Training in our home, with our family, prepares your dog or puppy to be calm, confident, and obedient in real life situations:

• relaxing in the living room
• taking walks in the neighborhood
• trips to the park
• going to the vet’s office
• visiting shopping malls or restaurants
• having guests come over to the house
•  eating dinner in the dining room
• and more!

Dog Training for All Breeds, All Ages, and All Issues

Every dog is different, so we custom-tailor our training approach to best suit the needs of each individual dog to achieve maximum results in the most fair and efficient way possible. In doing so, we are able to achieve incredible success with each and every dog we train!

We employ a “balanced approach” to dog training, using the most advanced tools and methods of dog training available today.

We encourage anyone interested in getting their dog or puppy trained with us or trying to learn on their own to visit our YouTube channel where we post in-depth training videos showcasing our methods and our numerous board and train graduates.

  • Marker Training
  • Positive Reward
  • NePoPo
  • Classical Conditioning
  • Operant Conditioning
  • Clicker Training
  • Escape and Avoidance
  • Leash Pressure
  • Luring
  • Off-Leash Training
  • Exposure
  • Socialization
  • Desensitization
  • Pack Walks
  • Counter-Conditioning
  • Free-Shaping

What People Are Saying

I would recommend American Standard Dog Training to any dog owner. My dog is a completely different dog and the one on one training received upon return my dog was phenomenal. Amazing experience! Thank you
-Crystal Edwards

Did an amazing job at turning around our stubborn two-year-old lab! Would highly recommend!
-Lauren Hester Blackwell

Best trainer thus far! He took my dog from a mad man to a calm Giant! Best experience came to me and my families home and went step by step without any issues. Appreciate the training and appreciate the business process.
-K Kool Breeze

Structured and in-depth training! My Corso is the one in the videos. Due to his potential size ( his sire is 155lbs, uncle 160 lbs @ 2 yrs old) it was and is important for my puppy to receive the best training possible. It created a baseline of communication and understanding between me & my Pup. I’m actually dropping him back off in September for more training!
Martiek Harris

Highly qualified and dedicated to the potential all dogs possess! Great to see your work.

-Lory Nelson Brunner

Serving all of South Florida: Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Weston, Cooper City, Coral Springs, Sunrise, Plantation, Hollywood, Miami, Miami Gardens, Dania Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Parkland, Aventura, Broward County, Miami-Dade County, Collier County, Martin County, Charlotte County, Monroe County and beyond!